Socialization As We Age


Human nature leads us to crave fulfilling relationships with other people, so why would this change as we age?  Many senior citizens face circumstances including no longer going to the office daily, a loss of a spouse, spending many hours alone and even living alone that decrease the amount of social interaction for seniors to the point of loneliness.


The lack of socialization can really hinder a person’s quality of life and is one of the reasons, socialization as we age is an important focus at Ganton Senior Communities.


Some of the benefits of socialization include having a sense of purpose and belonging, increased self-confidence and self worth and improved physical and mental health.


At Ganton, we strategically design activities to improve physical health (fitness classes, yoga), mental health (socials, lunches out, games) with many activities designed specifically to help stimulate residents brains, improve fitness and offer an opportunity for residents to build relationships.


Having a variety of positive social interactions can contribute to psychological and physical wellness of seniors.  Support from others can be important in reducing stress, increasing physical health and combating issues such as depression and anxiety.  In a community setting, seniors can develop lasting relationships with other residents and staff, which can increase quality of life and sometimes life expectancy.


When seniors have an opportunity to enjoy others, of a similar age with similar interests, it’s amazing the difference it can make in the feeling of belonging and making a difference. And that’s why socialization as we age is so important.